What are futures trading fees on XBO?

Trading fee

Our trading fees are different for users of different tiers. Users are categorized into tiers by their 30-day trading volumes. Trading volume and fee tiers are updated daily.

Users of different fee tiers will enjoy different fee discount. For example, if a user’s 30-day trading volume is 50,000,001 USD, this user will enjoy fee discounts of level 2.


Total Assets USD


30D trading volume in USD

Maker fee

Taker fee

Lvl 1

0 - 100,000

< 50,000,000



Lvl 1


> 50,000,000



Lvl 2

> 500,000

> 100,000,000



Lvl 3

> 2,000,000

> 200,000,000



Lvl 4

> 5,000,000

> 500,000,000



Lvl 5

> 10,000,000

> 1,000,000,000



30-day trading volume (USD) is the total trading volume for the corresponding market

30-day trading volume (USD)

Transactions are recorded in BTC equivalents according to its price at the moment of trading. Every 24 hours, we convert your total trading volume to USD at 4:00 pm UTC according to the average price (= [closing price + opening price]/2). For example, you have traded BTC, ETH, MATIC, XRP, and SOL in the last 30 days. We recorded each trade in BTC equivalents at the moment when each trade happened. Each day at 4:00 pm UTC, we calculate your total trading volume in the last 30 days and convert it to USD according to the daily average price. Then we convert it to USD using market exchange rate.

Makers and takers

Maker order is the limit order which enters into the order book before it can be traded in market. For example, if the current BTC lowest ask price is 1,000 USDT and you create a maker order with a bid price 999 USDT, this order cannot be filled immediately. Then it will enter into the order book until someone fills it. After filled, you’re required to pay the maker fee and taker will pay the taker fee (or vice versa). You need to pay the taker fee when your limit ask order is traded successfully.

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