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How do I choose the right margin mode for crypto futures trading?


In crypto futures trading, margin modes determine how leverage and margin are applied to your positions. Understanding different margin modes is crucial for effective risk management and optimizing trading strategies.

Cross Margin:

  • Definition: Cross margin considers the entire account balance to support all open positions. Profits and losses from one position can offset those from another, reducing the risk of liquidation.
  • Advantages:

Risk Mitigation: Positions share the total account equity, minimizing the risk of liquidation due to a single losing trade.

Flexibility: Traders can allocate more capital to high-conviction trades without increasing the risk of liquidation.

  • Considerations:

Account-Wide Risk: Losses in one position may impact the margin available for other positions.

Isolated Margin:

  • Definition: Isolated margin assigns a specific amount of margin to each open position. Losses in one position do not affect the margin and liquidation of other positions.
  • Advantages:

Position-Specific Risk: Protects individual positions from the impact of losses in other trades.

Control: Provides precise control over the risk associated with each position.

  • Considerations:

Higher Liquidation Risk: If a position moves unfavorably, only the isolated margin for that position is at risk.

Risk Limit:

  • Definition: Risk limit allows traders to set a predefined maximum loss for a position. If this limit is reached, the position is automatically closed.
  • Advantages:

Strict Risk Management: Enables traders to cap potential losses at a predetermined level. Customization: Tailor risk limits to individual risk tolerance and trading strategies.

  • Considerations: Continuous monitoring regularly reassess and adjust risk limits based on market conditions.


Choosing the appropriate margin mode is a critical decision in crypto futures trading. Traders must consider their risk tolerance, market conditions, and trading strategy. Whether opting for cross margin, isolated margin, or implementing risk limits, a well-informed approach is essential for successful and sustainable trading.

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