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Diversify your portfolio with Personalized Wealth Management

Oversee your finances with the support of a dedicated account manager. Access tailor-made solutions that match your financial objectives.

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Enjoy tailored onboarding

Embark on a guided journey through XBO’s range of products and services to effortlessly reach your financial objectives.


Engage in a meaningful discussion about your core values, specific requirements, and future aspirations.

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Delve into XBO’s customized approach to wealth management and pinpoint the solutions that align best with your preferences.

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Access personalized onboarding alongside strategic planning on how to optimize XBO’s distinct offerings to suit your goals.

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Leverage top-notch solutions while tapping into XBO’s comprehensive resources and ongoing support.

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XBO.com - Image Unparalleled security for your digital assets

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Our resilient business model, careful risk management, and strict collateralization standards provide the highest level of security for your cryptocurrency wealth.
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We anticipate your needs

XBO goes beyond our top-tier product suite to offer exclusive benefits tailored just for you.


Your dedicated advisor ensures you're always in the loop, offering expert insights and assistance whenever you need it.

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Navigate the world of crypto with ease through our personalized onboarding process, equipping you with the knowledge to thrive.

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Enjoy custom rates, discounts, higher limits, and more, plus access to unique digital assets.

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Your queries take precedence with our priority support, ensuring prompt, hands-on help whenever you reach out.

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Gain access to top industry events with passes provided by XBO, keeping you connected to key happenings.

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Bespoke OTC

Benefit from tailored services crafted to meet your specific requirements, leveraging our expertise and infrastructure.

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Access XBO Private by maintaining a portfolio balance of $300K or more.
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