How does the loyalty program work?

The XBO loyalty program offers crypto rewards and improved trading and exchanging conditions to clients who actively use the platform. 

The program is based on accumulating experience points (XP). You can get them for completing various actions on the platform, such as passing verification, installing the app, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Visit the XBO Rewards center to see the full list of actions that bring you XP. 

XPs are a unit of reward for regular everyday actions taken on the platform. XPs are the currency you need to unlock higher membership tiers and earn (awesome) rewards.


You can earn XP by:

Reaching various levels of identity verification (from 100 to 300 XP)

Logging in daily (10 XP)

Referring new users to the platform (50 XP) 

Spot-trading (7 XP for every $10)

Swapping crypto or fiat assets (20 XP for every $20) 

Installing the free mobile app (150 XP).

When you collect enough XP, you move up one loyalty level.


The Loyalty program consists of 5 tiers:

Silver – your starting level once you register successfully 

Gold - requires 10,000 XP

Platinum - requires 65,000 XP

Diamond - requires 650,000 XP

Black Diamond - requires 2,100,000 XP!

Each level gives you additional perks, rewards, and more favorable conditions to exchange and trade crypto.

Each time you move from one tier to the next, you will receive: 

Improved benefits, including exchange cashback, free monthly fiat withdrawals, favorable spot-trading fees, and card upgrades.

An incremental amount of randomized cryptocurrency rewards.  

Loyalty program is eligible only for retail clients.

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