What is the minimum order size to buy crypto?

on XBO.com, the minimum size of the buying order is determined by the amount of currency you spend on the deal.

To clarify, every time you open a spot order to buy crypto on XBO.com, you can see two main fields:

  • Receive - the amount of crypto you buy
  • Spend - the amount of crypto/fiat you will pay

For an order to be opened, the number in the Spend field should not be less than 0.0001, regardless of the currency.

For example:

If you want to buy ADA for USDT, you should choose ADA/USDT from the list of currency pairs available for trading. Then, you’ll be redirected to an order page with ADA as the currency you receive and USDT as the currency you spend.

To open an order, you must spend at least 0.0001 USDT to buy an equivalent amount of ADA.

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