Introducing ‘Women Who Web3’ – CoinDesk’s Newest Podcast

When Kamala Alcantara showed up this summer at Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas, she knew she was in for an amazing experience, but she never imagined that her time at the festival would lead to her becoming CoinDesk’s newest podcast host.

In many ways, Kamala, who prefers to be called Kamz, was like any other attendee at Consensus. She was there to hear thought leadership in Web3, to connect with others in the space and to help out at her company’s booth on the expo floor. What made her stand out from the rest of the crowd was the three-month-old baby strapped to her chest all the while.

Kamz, fresh off maternity leave, was excited to dive headfirst into all things Web3 at Consensus and get back to her role as a UX researcher for a well-known blockchain company. Her Consensus schedule was so full that she almost forgot she signed up to audition at the “So You Think You Can Podcast” talent search.

After receiving a reminder message Kamz, with her baby in tow, made her way to the Consensus podcast booth. The CoinDesk team asked if she could talk about anything in crypto for 15 minutes, to which she replied, “I don’t know, but I can try!”

What happened next is the birth of CoinDesk's newest podcast, “Women Who Web3.”

The world needs more women who Web3

Despite Web3’s promise of inclusivity and democratic community building, it is not the most diverse industry. Surveys often show that half as many women invest in cryptocurrency compared to men and typically one can’t participate in Web3 without using cryptocurrency.

This disparity can perhaps be attributed to the tech industry’s long-standing lack of feminine representation. As it stands, women only account for around 25% of technical roles despite making up nearly half of the workforce.

Like tech, crypto and Web3 communities are often dominated by men, with some of those men being very outspoken about a woman’s place, or lack thereof, in these spaces.

The lack of feminine representation in the Web3 community is what Kamz talked about in the Consensus podcast booth. She expounded on her experience as a woman navigating this new space and her gratitude for organizations dedicated to onboarding women into Web3.

Kamz herself is no stranger to discrimination in the Web3 community. At a recent event, she was told that women shouldn’t be in the non-fungible token (NFT) space by two well-known creators – a jab that was followed by the suggestion that Kamz should be at home with her baby instead of at the event.

“Every single day, unfortunately, I’ve been validated that we need to have a space for women because there are plenty of men and some women who don’t believe that we should be a part of this,” said Alcantara.

What we love about Kamz

As a brand in the space, CoinDesk is well aware of the need for greater inclusivity and is committed to uplifting voices from all backgrounds. That’s part of the reason the “So You Think You Can Podcast” talent search was added to the Consensus lineup. We were hoping to make it easier for newcomers to start podcasting, and we are so glad we did.

When Kamz took to the booth and did her thing, the stars aligned in such a way that can only be described as Consensus magic. CoinDesk’s Executive Producer of Podcasts Jared Schwartz’s ears perked up as soon as Kamz started talking. According to Schwartz, who has been in the podcasting biz for 15 years, Kamz has all the makings of a great podcast host. She is charismatic, conversational, passionate, asks smart questions and can pivot on the fly.

On top of Kamz’s natural podcasting ability, her passion for Web3 and uplifting and onboarding women into the space fills two major gaps in the CoinDesk podcast family of content. We need a show focused on Web3 and we have yet to welcome a solo female host. That is, until now.

And thus a podcast was born

“Women Who Web3” is CoinDesk’s newest podcast, hosted by the one and only Consensus legend, Kamala “Kamz” Alcantara. This powerful and entertaining podcast celebrates women supporting women, investing in women and bridging the gender gap in wealth through Web3.

Each week brings a new and exciting guest sharing their insights on topics like starting an NFT project, creating belonging and inclusivity in digital spaces, building prosperous Web3 projects, investing in cryptocurrencies and building wealth.

While “Women Who Web3” is a celebration of women in the space, it is also a reminder to celebrate our humanity. A reminder that it is okay to feel stress while navigating new technology and juggling life’s responsibilities. To emphasize this, Kamz ends each episode with a mindfulness meditation to give listeners a moment to take it all in.

Kamz’s infectious positivity is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired after each episode.

Listen to ‘Women Who Web3’ today

Episode one of “Women Who Web3” is out now on the CoinDesk podcast network! Listen as Kamz explores cryptocurrency and why women should be a part of the future of crypto with Laura Shin, the first mainstream journalist to cover crypto full time.

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