Aragon Network Holding Votes on Key Parts of Shift to a New DAO Structure

Members of the Aragon Network (AN DAO), which is open-source software that lets users create and manage Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are voting on key parts of its planned transition to a new organizational structure.

The first vote will decide what to do with the treasury funds after the DAO is dissolved and then revived under a new framework. The second vote will address the issue of the new DAO’s charter once the new structure goes live. Votes can be cast until Oct. 5.

The new proposed DAO structure will bring in delegated voting, which allows members of the DAO to transfer their voting rights to other members who can then vote on their behalf. Although Aragon Network exists to help others create DAOs, it wasn’t originally set up as one itself, and these votes are part of its years-long shift to a DAO structure.

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