Japanese Crypto Self-Regulatory Body to Gradually Scrap Token Vetting Process: Report

The Japan Crypto-Assets Association (JVCEA), a legally recognized self-regulatory body made up of crypto exchanges, is looking to get rid of a "lengthy" screening process that currently precedes the listing of tokens on local exchanges, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

The measures could take effect as early as December, and would only make it easier for exchanges to list crypto assets that are already known to the Japanese market. By March 2023, the JVCEA could also "scrap pre-screenings" for tokens that are new to the market, according to the report.

Although Japan's financial watchdogs might sometimes be at odds with the JVCEA, a source familiar with the proceedings confirmed to CoinDesk that regulators could delegate matters like these to the industry association. The JVCEA has already alerted its members to the upcoming changes, the report said.

The measure also aligns with Japan's recent efforts to encourage crypto startups to stay in the country after high taxes prompted some startups to exit the market. The Japanese government is currently considering corporate tax breaks to ease the burden on crypto companies operating in the country.

The initiative to simplify token-screening has been in the works since at least June, according to a previous report by Bloomberg Japan.

Aside from looking to unburden startups, Japan has also been investing in the metaverse, while on the other hand, the government is planning stronger anti-money laundering controls on the industry.

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