StarkWare Partnering with Chainlink for StarkNet Growth

StarkWare, a creator of layer 2 blockchain scaling solutions, will partner with blockchain data provider Chainlink Labs to help accelerate app development and general growth for the StarkNet ecosystem. StarkWare is one of the most highly-valued scalability solutions, having reached an $8 billion valuation during a funding round last year.

Israel-based StarkWare will join Chainlink’s SCALE accelerator program, under which StarkNet tokens will cover certain operating costs for the Chainlink oracle nodes. Oracles essentially send data from the outside world to a blockchain to trigger a certain smart contract event.The arrangement will let StarkNet developers access Chianlink services and data feeds at a lower cost

“We’re excited to be joining the Chainlink SCALE program to provide our ecosystem of developers with access to the industry standard for oracle services, enabling a next-generation of globally scalable Web3 applications to be built on Starknet,” said StarkWare co-founder and president Eli Ben-Sasson.

Chainlink data feeds are now live on the StarkNet testnet and will head to the mainnet in the near future, according to the company.

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