Solana-Based DEX Orca Partners With Stripe for Fiat Transactions

Orca, a Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX), has integrated with payments heavyweight Stripe to to power its fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Users will now be able to make fiat purchases for tokens such as USDC and SOL via an onramp built inside Orca using Stripe's fiat-to-crypto system.

Orca is powered by an automated market maker (AMM), the underlying protocol of a DEX which enables trading without the input of an intermediary as in a centralized exchange. Orca is one of the most prominent DEXs on Solana.

DEXs may witness a surge in popularity in the months and years ahead, should the dramatic collapse of FTX cast doubt over the security of centralized exchanges in the minds of traders and investors.

Stripe is one of the world's largest fintech firms and has been quite active in the crypto industry in recent months, teaming up with the likes of Ethereum scaler Polygon to enable its clients to pay freelancers, merchants and content creators in crypto.

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