Mango Markets Community Counters Expoiter’s Settlement Offer

The community of Solana-based DeFi platform Mango’s has approved a counteroffer to its exploiter as the group seeks to retrieve its stolen assets.

Mango was exploited earlier this week for over $100 million, sending its MNGO token plunging.

“Within 12 hours of the proposal opening, you shall send back the assets other than USDC, MSOL, MNGO, and SOL as a show of good faith,” reads the counter. “The remaining assets shall be sent within 12 hours once the vote is complete and passes,” the community wrote in its proposal.”

The bad debt that’s the center of discussion for proposals and counter proposals comes from a bailout that Mango Markets and rival Solana lending platform Solend put together for a large Solana whale that had $207 million in debt spread across multiple lending platforms.

The vote has passed, with 96.3% of respondents voting in favor of the resolution.

It appears that the exploiter’s original offer was rejected as less than 10% of respondents have voted in favor, and a quorum wasn’t reached.

The exploiter has yet to respond to the community’s counter offer.

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