Digital Wallet Provider MetaMask Allows Crypto Purchases With Brazilian Reals

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MetaMask, one of the largest crypto wallet providers, has integrated the Brazilian government’s payment system Pix and started allowing crypto purchases with Brazilian reals.

MetaMask integrated with Pix via the payment infrastructure company MoonPay, which takes about a 1% commission per transaction, plus a network fee calculated in real time, MetaMask said in a statement on Friday.

In April, MetaMask partnered with MoonPay to allow users buy ether and other ERC-20 tokens through different payment methods, such as cards, bank transfers and Apple Pay.

In Brazil, MetaMask currently requires a minimum transaction of 102 Brazilian reals, equivalent to $20, to buy ether, CoinDesk confirmed on Monday.

Pix, a real-time retail payment system launched by the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) in October 2020, has 126 million users and is already used by leading crypto exchanges such as Binance and Bybit.

In July, MetaMask revealed that Brazil was its second-largest user market after the US.

This article was translated by Andrés Engler, and edited by CoinDesk. The original Portuguese can be found here.

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