DeFi Protocol Perennial Launches with $12M Fundraise

Perennial, a decentralized finance (DeFi)-native derivatives protocol, has gone live with a $12 million seed funding round led by Polychain Capital and Variant. The capital raise happened earlier this year, but the recent collapse of centralized exchange FTX has put increased focus on risk mitigation, liquidity and DeFi projects.

Other investors in the round included Archetype, Scalar Capital, Robot Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, and a number of angel investors, according to a draft Medium post provided to CoinDesk.

Perennial enables the creation of two-sided markets made up of traders and liquidity providers. Traders deposit assets to get leveraged exposure to different price feeds, while the liquidity providers pool capital to earn fees for taking the other side of trader positions. The losing side of the trade pays the winning side. Perennial’s initial core features also include zero price slippage – trades happen directly at the current price regardless of size – and trades that are settled in USD instead of crypto.

“Perennial is built as a non-custodial DeFi protocol that is fully on-chain with open source code,” Perennial operations head Jacob Phillips told CoinDesk in an email. “This means users always control their own funds and can easily verify any of the actions/behaviors of the protocol.”

“At the protocol-level, Perennial is starting with a guarded launch and conservative risk parameters,” he continued. “Perennial has a robust liquidation engine and uses battle-tested Chainlink oracles.”

The initial launch will be on the Ethereum mainnet, but Perennial will soon begin building out its layer 2 ecosystem. The startup will then ramp up hte number of tradable markets, said Phillips

Perennial was co-founded by Kevin Britz and Arjun Rao, who previously co-founded the early smart contract wallet Astro Wallet that was acquired by Coinbase. Phillips, who previously worked as a researcher and crypto-focused venture capital firm Polychain Capital, joined earlier this year as Perennial’s first hire

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