Cryptography Network Lit Protocol Raises $13M to Bolster Web3 Autonomy and Interoperability

Cryptography network Lit Protocol has raised $13 million in a Series A round led by crypto investment firm 1kx to hire developers creating a decentralized ownership and interoperability across protocols, the company announced Thursday.

Lit aims to give individuals agency within Web3 ecosystems. Giving users a private key that is interoperable across DeFi, DAOs, NFTs on EVM, Cosmos and Solana chains, Lit protocol founder David Sneider said that users have greater security and autonomy over their data and digital assets.

The demand for cross-chain interoperability has been on the rise this past year. In August, several Solana-based projects teamed up to create the Open Chat Alliance, an interoperable messaging platform. In April, decentralized social graph protocol CyberConnect raised $15 million to build out a platform to make data interoperable across platforms.

Lit is continuing to make strides in the crypto space by releasing Programmable Key Pairs, a feature that works with its encryption service to help users custody their own keys to build interoperable apps. “We're starting to see applications and imagine a future where you have automated agents as it relates to how your data and finances are treated, ” said Sneider.

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