Crypto Token Launch Platform Tokensoft Doxes 4500 Users, Calling Them ‘Bad Actors’

California-based Tokensoft, a chain-agnostic token launch platform, has doxxed over 4000 of its users.

A Tokensoft community manager with the handle “Nick G.” posted the list on the company’s discord, alleging that the named users were ‘gaming’ the Tokensoft DAO’s airdrop.

(Tokensoft Discord)

Tokensoft collects this data as part of its KYC process. In 2019, the company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a transfer agent. In 2021 it announced that firms that issue digital securities via its platform can trade them on tZERO’s registered alternative trading system (ATS).

CoinDesk has viewed the circulating list and confirms that it does indeed have users’ personal information. CoinDesk contacted two users on the list based in the Philippines, and both expressed surprise at being included on the list.

Tokensoft could not be reached immediately for comment.

On the Discord channel, “Nick G.” appeared to say that they only intended to release wallet addresses. “You want me to delete your info after you tried to cheat the community? Is that fair?,” he said.

Investors in Tokensoft include Coinbase Ventures, Headline, and Meltem Demirors, according to Crunchbase.