Bored Ape NFT Band to Make Music With Beyoncé-, Timberlake-Linked Producers

A pair of Grammy award-winning producers tied to hit acts from Beyoncé to Justin Timberlake are helping to create music for a NFT band made up of Bored Apes.

James Fauntleroy and Hit-Boy, the producers and songwriters, are creating the discography for Kingship, the BAYC band created last November by Universal Music Group’s crypto culture-focused sublabel 10:22PM.

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The addition of Kingship’s first producers could give the band a sound whereas before there was just an image: the non-fungible token (NFT) status symbol of Bored Ape Yacht Club. When UMG signed Kingship in November, the plans for the NFT group to start making music weren’t fully fledged.

Fauntleroy and Hit-boy will develop each Bored Ape band-member’s sound. The head of UMG’s crypto sublabel was already constructing an extensive storyline, albums and metaverse concerts for the four-member team. UMG plans to sell access to the band’s output as NFTs, too.