Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Buys Another Batch of Mining Machines

CleanSpark (CLSK) has added nearly 3,900 Bitmain Antminer S19j Pro miners to its mining fleet, paying $5.9 million, or about $15.50 per terahash, the company said in a press release Tuesday morning.

While a number of other miners have been in survival mode during the crypto bear market – dealing with not just falling prices, but also surging energy costs – CleanSpark has notably been a buyer of assets at seemingly low prices. This purchase brings to more than 26,500 the number of bitcoin mining rigs the company has acquired in recent months.

The purchase price of $5.9 million works out to roughly $15.50 per terahash, a relatively low price as mining machines of that efficiency are currently selling at $24.26 per terahash, according to data from mining services firm Luxor Technologies.

Along with mining rigs, CleanSpark has also been a recent buyer of data mining centers, including two facilities in the state of Georgia, where the company mainly operates.

The company last week boosted guidance for year-end hashrate, or computing power, by 10%.

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