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If you think you missed the boat on crypto… think again!

If you think you missed the boat on crypto… think again!

How often do you hear people complain that they missed the boat on crypto? Many of us fantasize about travelling back in time and buying Bitcoin when we first heard about it — when price was still in its discovery phase.

Today we have a chance to purchase Bitcoin at a level we only dreamed of in the last year and a half. We are even flirting with price levels from the last quarter of 2017!

Yet many of us are still hesitating to enter the market. The crypto curious were more likely to make a move when Bitcoin was conquering one all-time-high (ATH) after another, motivated by a fear of missing out (FOMO)…

Crypto skeptics are correct to point out that a retrace of 80% — to almost $3,000 — followed the peak of the last 4-year cycle, in 2018. This narrative has stood the test of time throughout Bitcoin history — BTC crashed to $2 in 2011, it crashed to $200 in 2015, and to $20,000 in 2022. Despite the downturns, long-term holders have been rewarded handsomely.

Bitcoin monthly chart April 2017 - August 2022 (tradingview.com)

Major pullbacks are commonplace in emerging markets, characterized byvolatility — a necessary feature for their development. It helps weed out thebad actors and brings about meaningful structural change. The companies thatbuckle up and build during times of high volatility establish themselves in thenext cycle.

So, if you are standing in the sidelinewondering if this is the right time to get in … this is a decision you mustmake for yourself (we are not financial advisers).

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