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Uniting the Crypto World with Traditional Finance

Seamlessly process crypto transactions worldwide

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XBO Pay allows you to breach into a global crypto audience without the hassle of setting up multiple crypto wallets, converting crypto to fiat, and all compliance and volatility-related issues along the way.

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  • Instant crypto payments Allow your clients to pay in crypto at a credit card processing speed.
  • Fast fiat settlements Get daily bank settlements in EUR, GBP, or USD.
  • Zero volatility Receive exact amounts of fiat every time with our Fixed Rate feature.
  • No chargebacks Avoid fraud with irreversible payments.
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Why XBO Pay?

Easy integration & onboarding

Start accepting crypto payments and receiving settlements in your preferred currency in no time. Our team will ensure top speed and efficiency during the integration and onboarding processes.

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Seamless compatibility

XBO Pay is compatible with all crypto wallets, allowing you to accept payments from anyone and everyone who owns crypto.

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Bank-grade security

All XBO.com solutions employ the latest technologies and digital safety standards, including Ledger, Amazon web services, CLOUDFLARE, and more.

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Dedicated support

Our support team is always ready to answer your questions and help you resolve any potential issues as fast as possible.

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