XBO.com - Image Loyalty program

What are the loyalty program conditions?

The XBO.com loyalty program provides clients who actively use the platform with crypto rewards and improved trading and exchanging conditions.

The program is based on collecting experience points (XP). You can get them for performing various actions on the platform, such as passing verification, installing the app, exchanging cryptocurrencies, etc. To see the full list of actions that bring you XP, check out XBO.com Reward center.

When you collect enough XP, you move up one loyalty level.

XBO.com has five loyalty levels:

  • Silver - the starting level awarded to you after successful registration
  • Gold - requires 10,000 XP
  • Platinum - requires 65,000 XP
  • Diamond - requires 650,000 XP
  • Black Diamond - requires 2,100,000 XP

Each level gives you additional perks, rewards, and more favorable conditions to exchange and trade crypto.

To learn more about each tier’s benefits, click here.

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