Web3 Domain Provider Unstoppable Domains to Integrate With Etherscan and Polygonscan

Web3 domain provider Unstoppable Domains will integrate in early 2023 with Ethereum’s popular blockchain explorer, Etherscan, as well as Polygonscan, the company said Thursday.

The integration will allow users to look up any Unstoppable Domain address on Etherscan and Polygonscan to analyze on-chain data and trace transactions. It will also display the readable domains (such as a .crypto domain) on the two explorers, instead of just showing the long complicated wallet addresses.

“Starting with easy access to human-readable blockchain data, we’re helping Etherscan and Polygonscan users make the most out of their digital identities,” said Sandy Carter, senior vice president and channel chief at Unstoppable Domains, in a press release.

Web3 domains have seen a surge in registrations over the past few months. With Unstoppable Domains, users can connect their crypto wallet addresses to a .crypto domain name, in the same way that internet users type .com or .gov into a browser to access websites' numeric Internet Protocol addresses. Ethereum Names Service is another popular web3 domain provider that connects users addresses on the Ethereum blockchain with .eth domains.

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“Web3 name domains make a big difference to the usability and transparency of blockchain data,” said Matthew Tan, CEO of Etherscan, in the press release. “With Unstoppable Domains, Etherscan and Polygonscan users are better able to understand all activity happening on-chain.”

In August, Unstoppable Domains released an iPhone app to bring Web3 identities to users' cellphones.

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