Mobile-Focused Blockchain Celo Partners with Ethereum-software Firm ConsenSys

Mobile-first blockchain Celo announced today a partnership with ConsenSys, an Ethereum-software firm that helped engineer the Merge.

The deal will allow Celo to make use of ConsenSys’ Infura infrastructure. Celo developers will be able to build with Infura, which will help make the blockchain more scalable. Developers will also be able to deploy Ethereum-based decentralized applications (dapps) built with Truffle. Truffle is a development environment where Ethereum smart contracts can be tested.

“Developers can use Infura’s trusted and complementary tooling to seamlessly communicate with the Celo blockchain for rapid deployment and scaling” said Xochitl Cazador, Celo's Head of Ecosystem Growth. The integration will also allow for developers to transact between Celo and other DeFi platforms and dapps.

In addition, the partnership will kick off Celo’s compatibility with MetaMask, a popular Ethereum-based wallet. Celo will also join the Ethereum Climate Platform that ConsenSys launched last week.

Last year, ConsenSys announced that over 350,000 builders were using the Infura Infrastructure. In 2021, Polygon, an Ethereum scaling project, also started supporting Infura tooling.

Celo last month introduced cREAL, a stablecoin pegged to Brazil's local currency, the real.

“This partnership supports the Celo ecosystem’s mission by providing reliable, easy-to-use tooling for developers to build and scale their dapps on the Celo blockchain,” Cazador told CoinDesk. “We are one step closer to mainstream adoption of web3 and realizing its full potential to transform lives by regenerating global ecologies and empowering local economies.”

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