Ethereum Developers to Launch New Testnet ‘Zhejiang’ for Simulating ETH Withdrawals

Ethereum developers will open a new test network on Wednesday called “Zhejiang,” where users can start testing Ethereum Improvement Proposal-4895, also known as staked ether withdrawals, that’s included in the protocol’s next big upgrade, the so-called Shanghai hard fork.

Testnets run on top of and duplicate the main blockchain. They allow developers and users to test upgrades and applications in a low-stakes environment before going live.

This new testnet, which will go live at 10 a.m. ET (15:00 UTC), will provide the ability to test staked ETH withdrawals (EIP-4895). Users won’t immediately have the ability to participate in the simulated withdrawals until the testnet goes through an upgrade on Feb. 7. For now, users will be able to deposit ETH to validators on the testnet, and then withdraw them the following week.

The launch of the Zhejiang testnet comes after Ethereum developers deprecated the Shandong testnet. They agreed to shut down Shandong because it included a few EIPs surrounding EVM Object Format (EOF), which is no longer included in the Shanghai upgrade. Developers agreed earlier this month that the upgrade for EOF will instead be a part of a separate Ethereum hard fork expected in the third quarter.

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