DeFi Protocol Yearn Finance Will Now Let Anyone Create Curve Reward Farms

Decentralised finance (DeFi) project Yearn Finance will allow users to create their own vaults to accrue yield and deposit proceeds to earn even more token rewards.

Yearn will charge 10% as performance fees for providing such a facility. DeFi is a term used to describe financial activities carried out on a blockchain without traditional middlemen.

So far, users have been limited to vaults created by Yearn’s contributors and developers. With the introduction of the “permissionless vault factory,” anyone can create their own strategies and offer them on Yearn, where other interested users can deposit their own tokens and earn yields.

This may, in time, increase Yearn’s user base and attract more liquidity to the popular DeFi tool. Yearn earns revenues based on user liquidity, where it charges a portion of the rewards as fees for its yield aggregation service.

Vaults refer to an on-chain product that uses crypto deposits to earn yield through various investment strategies. These yields were generated as a “reward” for participation in various DeFi applications, such as lending, borrowing, or trading.

Yearn has over $360 million in total value locked as of Tuesday, DeFiLlama data shows. Over 24 vaults are already active on the Yearn platform, offering yields ranging from 1.3% to as much as 17% annualized.

As of Tuesday, users can initially make vaults only for the liquidity tokens of Curve Finance, a stablecoin swapping application. These vaults will use veCRV, a time-locked token issued by Curve, which allows users to effectively boost their yield rewards.

Some $100,000 in fees were generated on Curve in the past 24 hours, data shows, with these fees distributed to Curve users and liquidity providers.

The permissionless vaults are part of a broader V3 plan, which aims to make Yearn wholly decentralized, in the future, in terms of products and services offered to users.