Cardano DEX SundaeSwap Floats First On-Chain Governance Proposal

Prominent Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX) SundaeSwap has floated its first on-chain governance proposal, developers said Tuesday. Voting on the proposal is scheduled to run until Feb.19.

“Until now, exactly how that governance should take place has been unclear,” the proposal description reads. “SundaeSwap Labs proposes that such governance use the auditable off-chain governance technology developed in-house, as well as a set of rules and procedures by which proposals for the future of the decentralized protocol can be considered, voted on, and adopted.”

The proposal determines the terms, conditions and parameters of future proposals on the SundaeSwap governance forum. Any passed procedure can be changed in the future with another governance proposal.

As per the proposal, any wallet with a minimum of 10,000 SUNDAE can float new proposals to the SundaeSwap community after an initial “temperature check” – an initial testbed for new ideas. Proposals once floated cannot be edited.

Governance moderators will be selected by a member vote to maintain a neutral discussion on forums. Each Moderator will provide a Cardano wallet address, get listed publicly as a confirmed SundaeSwap DAO moderator and have a one-year term. However, the initial three moderators will have terms of 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months, respectively.

SundaeSwap, like other DEXs, relies on smart contracts to offer financial services to users and holds over $8.7 million in locked value as of Wednesday. On-chain governance is a type of strategic decision-making used by crypto projects wherein token holders propose and vote on changes to that project.