Dell Joins Hedera Governing Council to Explore Developing Decentralized Applications

Computer manufacturer Dell (DELL) has become a member of the Hedera Governing Council to develop decentralized applications to help its customers with their blockchain and Web3-related ventures.

Specifically, Dell will explore developing applications on the Hedera network for decentralized environments such as edge computing – a paradigm in which data is processed using networks and devices near to where it is generated, enabling it to be processed at greater speeds and volumes.

"With secure, provisioned DLTs, customers can build cost effective and efficient applications across IT environments, including edge, that provide scalable data persistence, protection, control and process automation," Hedera said on Tuesday.

The council that runs the Hedera public ledger now has up to 39 members, each of which run a node on the network. Other members include Google, IBM Deutsche Telekom, Boeing, DBS and Nomura Holdings.

Hedera's aim is to provide a public distributed network with the security and stability to attract big businesses to build on it.

Dell's association with blockchain and crypto goes back nearly a decade. In 2014 it started accepting bitcoin as a means of payment in partnership with Coinbase. Joining the Hedera council would appear to be its first public blockchain-related move for some time however.

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