Crypto Exchange Uniswap Says it Collects Users' Public On-Chain Data in New Privacy Policy

Uniswap Labs, the development team behind the decentralized exchange Uniswap, said in a newly-released privacy policy that it collects certain on-chain data from its users to continually make improvements to its product.

“We do want to make data-driven decisions that improve user experience,” Uniswap Labs said. “That includes public on-chain data and limited off-chain data like device type, browser version, etc.”

Uniswap Labs said it does not collect personal data, such as first name, last name, street address, date of birth, email address, or IP address.

The Monday post – which was apparently scheduled for a Tuesday release was deleted at publishing time – but is accessible here.

In its privacy policy, Uniswap Labs stated it utilizes user data to improve services and products offered by the company, stop fraudulent or illegal activity, solve potential security issues such as bugs and even provide the collected information collected as needed or requested by regulators, government entities, and law enforcement to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

As such, Uniswap Labs said it does not share user data with any third parties for marketing purposes.

Uniswap Labs collects, uses, and shares data from users interacting with the Uniswap web app and – a frontend managed and maintained by Uniswap Labs, a New York-based company.

This is different from Uniswap’s smart contracts – a decentralized service that exists on the Ethereum blockchain.