Crypto Exchange Binance.US Eliminates Trading Fees for Ether

Binance.US is getting rid of trading fees for ether (ETH), the company announced on Tuesday, expanding its zero-free program beyond just bitcoin (BTC). Free trading will apply to the following spot market pairs: ETH/USD, ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC and ETH/BUSD. The exchange will also offer additional trading fee discounts to customers who pay their trading fees with BNB tokens.

Back in June, the exchange became the first U.S. crypto exchange platform to eliminate bitcoin trading fees in an effort to attract more users. It said at the time it would do the same for more tokens in the future.

"By eliminating fees first on BTC and now ETH, we are…raising awareness for the high fees consumers are paying on other platforms, and helping to restore trust in the greater ecosystem,” said Brian Shroder, CEO and president of Binance.US, in a press release.

In the wake of the FTX collapse and skeptical crypto market sentiments, JPMorgan said last month that centralized exchanges will continue to dominate digital-asset trading volumes.

Binance.US also announced this week its launch in two new U.S. territories – American Samoa and Guam. It also received its Money Transmitter Licenses (MTLs) in Louisiana, bringing the total secured MLTs in the U.S. to 43.