CoinFLEX’s Creditors to Own 65% of Firm After Reorganization

Troubled crypto futures exchange CoinFlex said it has come to terms with stakeholders for its reorganization process and will turn to an official vote.

CoinFLEX filed for restructuring in the Seychelles this summer as part of a plan to improve its financial situation after suspending withdrawals during June's crypto rout.

In the reorganization creditors would own 65% of CoinFLEX. Meanwhile, existing Ordinary Series A shareholders, including the CoinFLEX founders, would lose their equity stakes. Series B investors are to remain shareholders and can be incentivized with future equity over time in the event they bring value to the business.

Creditors are also to receive recovery tokens (rvUSD), equity and USDC.

CoinFLEX’s team will be allocated 15% of the company through an employee share option plan that would vest over time.

Voting for the plan is set to end Sept. 27 at 4am UTC. According to Snapshot, CoinFLEX’s plan so far has garnered about 96 million CoinFlEX vote tokens in approval, and 865,000 against.

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