Blockchain Development Platform Tatum Raises $41.5M From Octopus, Circle, Others

Blockchain development platform Tatum has raised $41.5 million in funding from Octopus Ventures, Circle, Leadblock Fund and founders of crypto exchange Bitpanda, among others.

Tatum's aim is to slash the time-to-market of blockchain application development. Its platform simplifies the creation of blockchain operations in single lines of code to streamline the development process, incorporating features such as smart contracts, fee and payment solutions, real-time alerts, and crypto-exchange functions.

The company is therefore looking to address the complexities and expertise required that lead to lengthy development times which may hinder blockchain adoption.

"We have revolutionized blockchain application creation by slashing development times from months or years of engineering time down to just days," co-founder and CEO Jiri Kobelka said.

The London and Miami-based firm intends to use the funding to invest in marketing, educational efforts and community building.

Tatum has previously raised $8 million and now has many blockchain applications live and in production environments with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to tech start-ups.

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